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美しい自然に囲まれ、素晴らしい響きを持つ 「富士川町ますほ文化ホール」 2002年3月、ここで「ますほジュニアクワイア」は 生まれました。小学生から大学生までの年齢も学校も異なる子どもたちが集まり、日常の生活では得られない人間関係や協調性を深めながら、音楽を楽しんでいます。








Masuho Junior Choir
Established March 2002. A group of children of varying ages from different school districts get together, build relationships that they normally would not find in their daily lives, and enjoy music as they encounter a multitude of values. Since 2003, they have held an annual recital where they perform a variety of pieces ranging from a capella to numbers accompanied by piano, strings ensemble, organ, recorder and other instruments. They also engage positively with the local culture, in activities such as chanting at the local Jumyozan Shofuku Buddhist temple's annual Oeshiki (memorial service for the founder of the Nichiren sect).

Fujikawa-cho, a town located along Fujikawa river, south of the Kofu Basin. The choir, based at the Fujikawa-cho Masuho Cultural Hall, aspires towards "Town and hall building that echoes with choral music" with the cooperation of the town and the concert hall management.

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